EnaSkin dark spot corrector

Make EnaSkin a Part of Your Daily Skin Care Routine: 5 Steps in Applying EnaSkin Dark Spot Corrector

You’ve just finished erasing your make-up and your patience has finally reached its limit.

A moment ago, you had a smooth, even-toned face. Now, with the remnants of your cosmetics pouring down the drain, you’re staring at a face marred by dark patches and pimple scars.

It’s not a very pleasing sight, is it?

There’s nothing more frustrating than looking at your reflection every day only to see the out-of-place dark spots and splotches you can’t remove no matter how much you scrub your skin.

After some thinking, you finally decided to try a dark spot remover…

Not just any dark spot remover — but the EnaSkin Dark Spot Corrector. 

You learned this product can bring miracles to your pigmented face. In just 4-6 weeks, your blemishes won’t have to greet you whenever you wash off your make-up.

But you shouldn’t simply use our magical serum by itself if you want to achieve your desired bright, flawless complexion.

Integrating the EnaSkin Dark Spot Corrector into your skincare routine must be done in the right sequence so it complements the rest of your skin products and gives you a supple, luxurious face that’s free from acne marks and dark pigmentations.

Because you want the best results, here are 5 simple steps to fit the EnaSkin Dark Spot Corrector to your usual skincare regime:

how to use enaskin dark spot corrector

1. Cleanse and Rinse

Wet your neck and face, then apply either mild soap or a gentle cleanser. Use your fingertips to lather the soap or cleanser on your skin, but don’t scrub your face in the process.

If you have dry skin, you can substitute coconut or olive oil as a cleansing agent. If you have oily skin, you can use gel or foam cleansers.

Once you have covered your face in the cleansing product of your choice, rinse it off with lukewarm water. Pat a clean towel on your face and neck to reduce wetness.

enaskin dark spot corrector instructions

2. Stay Moisturized

Spread a pea-size amount of light moisturizer on your face and neck while your skin is still slightly damp as this would help the product seal the moisture in your pores.

Using your fingers, apply the moisturizer in circular motions, gently massaging the skin to absorb the solution. Start with your cheeks as these are the driest parts of your face then move to the forehead and the rest of your face and neck. Also, apply a moisturizing cream atop your regular moisturizer for better hydrating effects.

You must use moisturizing products because some soaps and cleansers may dry the skin after you wash your face. Using moisturizers maintains the right amount of moisture on your skin to keep it soft and smooth.

enaskin dark spot corrector directions

3. Peel Off Dark Spots

Press the pump of your EnaSkin Dark Spot Corrector once to dispense a pea-sized amount of serum onto your palm. Select the parts of your skin that contain dark spots and discoloration. Smooth the product over these dark and hyperpigmented areas while avoiding unaffected, normal skin.

If you did put some serum on normal skin, don’t worry. We only advise limiting application on dark spots as there are people who are uncomfortable with slight peeling and redness of their normal skin. There’s no need for alarm as these effects are temporary and natural. Your splotchy skin is just peeling off for fresher, fairer, more radiant skin.

how to use enaskin dark spot corrector

4. Daub Some Essence

Distribute 4 to 5 squirts of skincare essence onto your palms and press the product gently onto your skin. Apply only with light pats and don’t rub or drag the essence across your face.

This product would amplify the effects of the moisturizer and serum, allowing them to seep deeper into the skin. It also rebalances the concentrated active ingredients in the dark spot corrector so you would have less peeling. 

enaskin dark spot corrector instructions

5. Protect Against the Sun

Spread a water-resistant sunscreen or SPF foundation on your face and neck. It should have an SPF level of 30 or higher for better defense against sunburn and the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Sunscreen is necessary to protect your face after the application of the dark spot corrector since the serum’s active ingredients heighten your skin’s photosensitivity.

enaskin dark spot corrector directions

Once you’ve completed the list of aforementioned steps, you can finally apply the rest of your skincare products and cosmetics.

If you follow everything and choose good products for your face that would go well with the EnaSkin Dark Spot Corrector, your dark spots would fade away in no time.

With EnaSkin, the next time you remove your make-up, you also remove your blemishes.